fig1Beverly Shear began in 1931 after a 10 year period of trial and error by it's founder Kurt Nebel. At the onset of the Great Depression he resolved to create a company that would produce a high quality multi use shear for cutting sheet metal. He purchased the building that we still occupy in 1931 and he started to sell his product as the Beverly Shear. Kurt was the holder of dozens of patents and a credited founder of the Mount Greenwood community he raised his large family in.

fig1After Kurt passed in 1971, Beverly Shear was managed by his son Joseph Nebel. Just as his father had done before him, he continued the tradition of producing a machine that promised longevity and ease of use. The shears have remained virtually unchanged since 1947 and the product itself is a testament to the dedication of these two men. Joseph also was the holder of many patents and is remembered as a kind and loving father. Joe still worked at the shop at the age of 81, passing in 2012.

This site is dedicated to our father Joe with gratitude and unwavering love.

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fig1B Series Shear blade install guide This video demonstrates how to properly install the lower blade for the B series shears that we manufacture. We routinely receive calls regarding this matter and hopefully this video will be of assistance. The upper blade is installed onto the upper blade holder and requires no adjustment.