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$ db2 grant role DBA to user db2inst1 DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully. Now I have object in a different db however the role … db2 grant role to user Role hierarchies. db2 attach to db2 user db2admin using xxxxxxxxxx That allows me to attach to my instance called DB2. $ db2 create role DBA DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully. The Application has a special DB Role for users that run reports, when adding a table/view/sp to the application db (database1) I can simply grant select/execute to this role to allow the reports to access the object. By default, this user … If you want access to all data (ie, all tables in all schemas), you would need to grant dataaccess. user_name is the name of the user to whom an access right is being granted. How Can I identify which user is having this role and due to that what access the user … Lists the authorization IDs of one or more users, groups, or roles. db2 grant dataaccess on database to user winuser1 If you only want winuser1 to access just the 100 tables in the schema you are referring to, then unfortunately, there is no easy way, you would need to grant … It works out of the box, and all you have to do is create a user at the OS level and then grant them privileges at the database level and they’re ready to go. ... GRANT ROLE role-name TO ROLE role-name2 GRANT ROLE role-name2 TO PUBLIC; Syntax alternatives: The following are supported for compatibility with previous versions of DB2… I can run my create database commands. A role is created for runtime database users in each database domain. These roles are created and assigned automatically when you run the following configuration tasks: create-database More specifically, roles and trusted contexts wouldn't offer an easy way of addressing this need in a DB2 … WITH GRANT OPTION - allows a user to grant access rights to other users. What the role-and-trusted-context combination couldn't do, in and of itself, is satisfy the requirement that the DBAs in question be able to do their job without having -- just because they are DBAs -- access to data in user tables. I then attempt to connect to the database to grant all privileges for my db2admin account in DB2. db2 create role Granting role from DBADM to a particular table. To grant minimum privileges to a runtime database user to work with these tables, access needs to be provided for the objects individually. A role A contains another role B if role B is granted to role A, or is contained in a role C granted to role A. Privileges granted to a contained role are inherited by the containing roles. Only the database owner can grant a role. db2 grant role to role to role Add users to a role. ROLES are a set of privileges grouped together. user_name is the name of the user to whom an access right is being granted. In some ways, this method simplifies things. This method requires a bit of an odd twist, though – in DB2, you can grant privileges to users … Before you can grant a role to a user or to another role, you must create the role using the CREATE ROLE statement. Creating and granting membership in roles. It is important to note that the db2sec id does not necessarily have access to the data.
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