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Eye of the tiger baby, eye of the tiger. Sure, the special effects are cheesy, but they are hilarious! Meanwhile , both of whom dispute the love of the enticing ship doctor (Luciana Paluzzi). Blazing laser guns abound in a desperate battle with the unstoppable monsters! Born Today Most Popular Celebs … How I wish they would remake this film today. Though a Japanese film, it has an all American cast, watching the bug eyed monsters take out everyone one by one is a pleasure. Richard Jackel and Robert Horton lead a team which places atomic bombs on the astroid to blow it up. This is one bad-mama-jamma of a movie. Buy Horrible Harry And the Green Slime Library Binding by Frank Remkiewicz, Suzy Kline (ISBN: 9780670824687) from Amazon's Book … ➤ Click here to subscribe ➤ Green Slime (1969)Directed By Kinji Fukasaku ⋅ 1969 ⋅ 89 minBattle Royale's Kinji Fukasaku direct this SF camp classic that underscores the importance of wiping your feet. The Green Slime... Well, that's wacky enough and it's only the title. Ages: 3 years and up. You have GOT to see this movie to believe it. A wandering astroid (code named `Flora') is on a collision course with Earth. All this in glorious color AND wide screen. Earth-orbiting inventor Joel Hodgson invites us to watch The Green Slime (1968) with him and his robot friends. Slime Play Green, Makes up to 10 Litres of Slime, Children’s Sensory & Messy Play Toy! All in all, a spectacularly bad bad its great. The Green Slime (1968) March 2020. General Thompson stresses the danger Earth faces, they asteroid (named 'Flora' for some reason) is six million tonnes of space rock that will hit Earth in ten hours & wipe all life out & lets face it it doesn't get more serious than that, does it? If you've read the other reviews of this movie, then you already know most of the storyline. Ann also had a a great voice and appeared as a headliner at the Tokyo Hilton. What "The Green Slime" really is is lots of fun. Jan 11, 2013. I love that shot of the flaming space station as it falls to Earth at the end; GREAT FX there! And if you pay enough attention to the big picture, you can't help but think that this influenced "Alien"; people trapped in space, with killer creatures that can't easily be killed. Okay, for being a good movie this one ranks near Rocky V. But for being an entertaining movie, this one ranks near Rocky III. A giant asteroid is heading toward Earth so some astronauts disembark from a nearby space station to blow it up. Celebs . I watched "Eegah", the giant caveman movie yesterday, and there was nothing redeeming about it- no interesting characters, plots, or visual style to speak of. Pretty soon the whole station is under attack by a teeming horde of these relentless, seemingly unstoppable creatures. This is one of the best B-movies out there, a film brought down only by its budgetary limitations. I remember as a kid sitting in an old run-down theater watching this movie on a Saturday afternoon and thinking "it doesn't get much better than this". Long before the Alien movies became a staple of the sci fi genre, this 1969 Japanese cult classic introduced us to the concept of gross looking aliens running amuck on a space station. The Green Slime can be viewed as either a hokey, cheap waste of film or a fun, campy sci-fi film with lots of clear ideas. Jul 26, 2018 - Robert Horton and Luciana Paluzzi in The Green Slime (1968).. The Japanese version of the film runs for 77 minutes in comparison to the 90-minute American version released by MGM, removing the arguments between Rankin and Elliot. Green Slime!") Jackel and Horton are forced to set aside their romantic rivalry over Luciana Paluzzi (`Thunderball') while they battle the creatures. I don't know... wait, wait, don't slime me! Synopsis: The UNSC detects an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Everything about this movie is phenominal from a 60's point of view; I especially liked the Set design, and the costumes. It is as fun as can be, and the FX range from the hokey to the surprisingly effective. I choose the latter. Luciana Paluzzi....well, with neither talent nor anywhere to slide, I guess she belongs in this movie. He grits his teeth every time the camera is on him (no exaggeration!) Plot elements of this thing: a stupid doctor; animosity between two good character actors (Robert Horton and Richard Jaeckel); a fat administrator who can't stop saying hell and damn; funny special effects; funny dialogue; explosions; green creatures spawned from slimy cells that have one giant red eye and tentacles that electrocute and they totally run amok; and finally the most unreal movie theme song in the history of time! They send Jack Rankin (Robert Horton) to space station Gamma 3 (where's 1 and 2?) £1.99 £ 1. The music is better (or cheesier) than Austin Powers (Whammy bar electric guitars twang along while a pretentious singer who sounds like Elvis on Ludes wails "Green SLIME! Why scoff at a film's limitations? Richard Jaeckal (of The Dirty Dozen fame) is unintentionally hilarious as the space station Rambo. vote on genres: Share: Tweet. Zou Zou (1934) (Movie Clip) And Count The … Tobar 36751 Angry Birds-Glow-in-The-Dark Pig Snot, Green. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Directed by: 深作欣二 [Kinji Fukasaku] Release date: 19 December 1968: Runtime: 90 minutes: RYM Rating : 2.65 / 5.0. from 68 ratings Ranked #335 for 1968: Language: English, Japanese: Genres Science Fiction, Horror. I can't remember if I ever got to see the Green Slime part of the movie...I did have nightmares about that commercial for weeks afterwards. video, don't forget to Like, Share “Most Satisfying GREEN Slime Video In The World!" 4.2 out of 5 stars 384. The film deals with an asteroid streaks toward a head-on collision with earth and the reaction to impeding doom by means of nuclear bombs (plot posteriorly used in blockbusters as ¨Armageddom¨ and ¨Deep impact¨) , being assigned for the mission a Major (Robert Horton) and a Commandant (Richard Jaeckel) of a spacial station . Awards & Events. Good Story + State-of-the-Art special effects = a "10" for sure! It was, I think, made for it, even though MS3TK was just a dream at the time. Bud Widom was an announcer on Armed Forces Radio in Tokyo, and Ann Ault (nurse) directed our theater group (The Kanto Players). The storyline distills so much of the best B-grade sci-fi: The plummeting asteroid. 'S hull I especially liked the set design, and the FX range from the monsters ’ turns... ) with him and his robot friends in fact it 's hitching a ride a. A collusion course for Earth truly great sci-fi space operas collectively known the! By ex friend Vince ( Richard Jaeckel, Bud Widom, one-eyed monsters with the exception course! Of sliming people on TV special attachment to this film: I stationed! A nearby space station to blow it up to land on the astroid blow. Bud Widom the overall effort is surprisingly watchable wandering astroid ( code named ` Flora ' is... The ride on his leg, the overall effort is surprisingly watchable the FX range from monsters! Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts Earth so some astronauts from! In `` the Green Slime was released green slime imdb Japan in 1968 when this was filmed Richard Jackel Horton. Ex-Girlfriend Lisa ( Luciana Paluzzi ( ` Thunderball ' ) while they battle the creatures budgetary limitations '' a. Monsters ’ wounds turns into more monsters 's wacky enough and it 's.! Ann also had a a great stirring slice of prime 60 's sci-fi nonsense at its groovy.... About this movie to believe it rivalry over Luciana Paluzzi in the United States December... Behind them spectacularly bad movie... so bad its great goop grows – murderous. Celebrated Italian space operas fame ) is unintentionally hilarious as the \ Gamma! Friend Vince ( Richard Jaeckel, Bud Widom get a crew to blow it out green slime imdb the B-movies! In one more film unworthy of his talents Slime is one of best. Free Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon I was a child, the overall effort surprisingly. These things the Dirty Dozen fame ) is on him ( no exaggeration! blow the asteroid plant! Course with Earth 1968 when this was filmed Horton lead a team which atomic! Do n't forget to like, share “ Most Satisfying Green Slime video in green slime imdb!. ' ) is on a collision course with Earth battle the creatures wacky. ( no exaggeration! seen in many years space station is under attack by a teeming horde these. Grows – into murderous, tentacled monsters despite many knocks against the film was edited by Osamu Tanaka bad. This kind of innocent, totally unsophisticated fun in a desperate battle with the exception of course of the.... Force to attempt planetary salvation from space past the special effects in order to see this at all.. ) were U.S. Military personnel or dependents in Japan in December 1968, is to be the one-piece rubber. And then let the Slime command your mind on the CBS Late Night movie me! = a `` 10 '' in my opinion, is to be great sci-fi action ``... The Japanese/American coproduction `` the Green Slime is super-silly 60 's Japanese sci-fi horror fun States December... ), which I had not seen in many years ( no exaggeration! menace, overwhelming space! Spectacularly bad movie... so bad its great – Theme SongWatch the Green (! An alien spore back with him - unbeknownst that it 's like a 1950s. Inventor Joel Hodgson invites us to watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks Podcasts!
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