Beverly Shear B2

B-2 is our most popular model providing the user with all the same attributes as the B-1 with the added luxury of heavier capacities in the materials being cut. This shear has been the top seller for 80+ years combining ease of use with practicality as it answers the demand for daily use. The automotive and restoration industry has claimed our B-2 as a favorite that allows them to cut and shape sheet metal as well as to flawlessly shear products such as the braided hose used in customized engine compartments.


1- Aloy steel rack and pinion gives great power with little effort.

2- Removable handle for easy portability.

3- Alloy steel body designed togive maximun rigidity and strength.

5- Highest grade blades have correct rake to provide clean, burr-free cutting. Blades are adjustable for wear and are quickly interchangeable.

6- Alloy steel pivot point.

7- 2-point lower blade adjustment.

8- Exclusive design of shoulder permits turning work to anyshape or position.

9- Lower blade retaining clamp is keyed to keep blades tight and rigid.

10- Steel base drilled for mounting Shear on Stand or bench.

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Capacity: 10 gauge mild; 14 gauge stainless
Weight 35 lbs
Height less handle 15"
Handle 24"
Width 9"
Depth 10"
Lower Blade Length 4 3/8
Length of Cut 3 1/8"
Price: $792.00
Weight: 41 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 15 in × 27 in