Beverly Shear B3

B-3 is the largest shear we produce. It offers an uncompromisingly stout frame coupled with high quality, heavy duty blades designed provide decades of dependable use. This beast will effortlessly cut 3/16 mild steel as well as 10 gauge stainless while also allowing the user to cut the lighter gauges by simply adjusting the lower blade. Engineered for the full size shops, this model has found a home in industrial use as well as becoming a favorite to artists and medieval armories as a must have versatile companion limited only by the imagination of the user.


1- Aloy steel rack and pinion gives great power with little effort.

2- Removable handle for easy portability.

3- Alloy steel body designed togive maximun rigidity and strength.

4- Adjustable hold down (B-3 ONLY)

5- Highest grade blades have correct rake to provide clean, burr-free cutting. Blades are adjustable for wear and are quickly interchangeable.

6- Alloy steel pivot point.

7- 2-point lower blade adjustment.

8- Exclusive design of shoulder permits turning work to anyshape or position.

9- Lower blade retaining clamp is keyed to keep blades tight and rigid.

10- Steel base drilled for mounting Shear on Stand or bench.

Capacity 3/16" mild steel, 10 gauge stainless. Equipped with High Carbon High Chrome Blades.
Weight 58 lbs
Height less handle 15"
Handle 30"
Width 9"
Depth 14"
Lower Blade Length 5 5/8
Length of Cut 4 1/4"
Price: $1,145.00
Weight: 67 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 15 in × 31.5 in