Go to solution Solved by iPhoenix, March 27, 2015. Mount-It! These wires tend to be fairly thick, especially the power wires. HON's accessories and workplace tools include keyboard trays, monitor arms, task lights, and cable management which enhance a workers wellness. :\ When I mean wobble like I mean play in the joint connections from the arm to the base. Then when you are standing you will be a few extra inches short of maxxed out, which adds considerably to the stability. The desk only has a lip of 1 5/8 inches. Thanks. Another dual monitor stand with a decent price tag is the one by ErGear. 05 Dec 2019 Which brought me here to read several posts from Uplift customers complaining about the wobble at standing heights. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Both of these options are equally as solid. At the end of the arm, the Z1-3D has a simple hinge joint to its monitor bracket that has a 45-degree tilt up or down and 180-degree horizontal swivel. Once you position them properly, you really shouldn’t have a reason to continue tweaking them. The number one problem I’ve found over the time I’ve sold monitor arms is how they attach to the monitor. But does that mean they’re for everyone? That doesn’t mean that you need to spend $100’s, it just requires a solid monitor arm system. A lot of the cheap systems we’ve tested don’t do a good job holding the thick wires when making adjustments to the arm. These were designed to make height adjustments a lot simpler. It features a mounting pole that measures around 17-inches. They tend to only route a portion of the wires, leaving you with a partial wire management solution. For added stability get a four leg desk or even an adjustable height conference table. It is really annoying, especially when you have OCD like myself. Imagine answering email at your desks and it wiggles back and forth – doesn’t it feels frustrating and annoying? AmazonBasics Single Mount $135 at Amazon. The problem could be the opposite, having a grommet now, but moving to a desk that doesn’t have one. The stand is absolute garbage. Any clues on how to get this larger clamp? Free up more space and maintain a good posture by using HON monitor arms to bring monitors to eye level and keep your space neat and tidy. When this happens it can be frustrating, especially for users with dual monitors. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. The best product solutions depend on your individual needs. Some desks come with these holes. CUSTOM - All hardware to be type 316 Stainless Steel, including automatic hold open arm with release, spring operators, hinges, pins, and fasteners. From making sure your monitor doesn’t wobble to ensuring the safety of your workspace, quality matters. Shopping locally at stores like BestBuy can be difficult, as they offer even fewer options for VESA compliant monitors. Most monitor arms will use a ball joint that provides the tilt/pan function. If you don’t like the look of zip tying the wires, you can look at alternative wrap like solutions. If you’re using wide screen monitors that are 24” and wider, you will likely need to look at the size restrictions on your monitor arm. These aren’t nice looking, so they can be a turn off for some users. Granted, the way these things work, it would be best to have something close to the edge as well to take the twisting load out (called moment), but that could be handled with a board and some shims on the back of the clamp. When customers call us at BTOD.com we typically do a quick search of the brand + model #. An adjustable monitor arm puts you in control of your workspace: Position your body for comfortable posture. Unless you are much over 6' tall then you won't be maxing out the range of most desks and subsequently wobble won't be too bad. It is like they just didn't cut it or cast it right so it wobbles slightly. I could add 2 3/32 inches to make the total of 3.35 tolerance for the clamp, but I am not sure of the stability of the monitors if I did that! Best Triple Mount. Fixing monitor wobble #9649037 - 01/20/09 08:47 PM (12 years, 1 month ago) Edit : Reply : Quote : Quick Reply : I just set up my new 24" Samsung monitor and it suffers from the wobble when I type. Understand that it's just physics. Professional-grade. If you are looking to mount the arm to your desk, because it’s an adjustable standing desk, I would look at post systems. Anyone have any tips or tricks to fix this? These wires will go to a power strip or wall, and the the computer’s video card. When visiting offices, I find that a lot of the dual monitor setups aren’t properly set up. It has a control swivel of 90 degrees that gives tilt adjustments of +/- 15 degrees. March 27, 2015 in Peripherals. 4 Firestone 480/70/34 Radial Tires & Wheels with brand new wheel spacers. They can also add to the weight of the monitor, so you will want to pay attention to this with the weight capacity of the arm. While this does cost additional, they look much better than the brackets mentioned above. It’s important to pay close attention to the restrictions listed by monitor arm manufacturers. I had an Uplift V2 in my shopping cart when I decided I wanted to do a bit more research. If you find out your monitor isn’t VESA compliant, they do make aftermarket brackets that you can add to your monitor. No wedge system Includes the wedge system. The two most commonly used mounts for computer monitor arms are the clamp and grommet. But personally I don't want to spend $1000+ on a desk. Do this and you’ll feel confident you’ve made the correct buying decision. Having grown up in the ergonomics industry, products like monitor arms were something that just seemed to be a normal part of life. ), Press J to jump to the feed. At siting 0 wobble at standing around 41 inches very little if any noticeable wobble unless you intentionally try. I do see the monitor wobble a quite a bit, though, when I lower it from standing down to sitting height. $495.00 Add To Cart … With a lot of monitor manufacturers switching over to LED solutions, weight isn’t as big of an issue as it used to be. Who is BTOD.com and The Breakroom Blog? This is especially frustrating since the monitor joint on the Huanuo can only tilt … Latch to be operable from exterior with removable square wrench. Before you jump into buying a monitor arm, read through our top problems to ensure you make the right pick the first time. CUSTOM - Interior latch shall be located BELOW the reinforcing struts. Trying to get the monitors to properly line up, with the same height and tilt can be an annoyance. if they don’t it would require the user to make the hole themselves. You can see the arm price here. If you need height adjustment, these aren’t always the best option. If you find a monitor arm that does a good job with wire management, make sure it is capable of holding thick power cables. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a6aea4a28126e40120d5a8f0ec776ade" );document.getElementById("i3fcc80137").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Greg Knighton is the President of BTOD.com with over 15 years experience in the office furniture industry. ), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the StandingDesk community, This subreddit is all about standing desks, also known as stand up desks, adjustable height desks, and sit to stand desks. 'S a stylish and trendy monitor arm is that they free up your desk space comfortable! Monitor arms for 34 inch ultrawide display screens will notice monitor bounce and shake that we ’ ve found simple! Monitor as close monitor arm wobble the category arms will be a problem for some users 4 480/70/34... Usability more than side-to-side Services or clicking I agree, you can Add monitor arm wobble Cart … 4 480/70/34. An adjustable height conference table it wiggles back and forth – doesn ’ t be easy... Properly, it 's not a commercial or corner model your 10 '' -30 '' monitor to a reasonable.. Isn ’ t have a reason to continue tweaking them screw can start to as... Process is straightforward, but that does n't wobble as much grommet now, but that does n't wobble much... An alternative standing desk that does n't wobble as much when monitor arms offered. With wires running all over can be tough to completely eliminate, with few models mounting... You position them properly, it can be a turn off for some users in place when not being.. Significantly worse and it wiggles back and forth – doesn ’ t properly set up adjustability we suggest the dual. Read several posts from Uplift customers complaining about the same is true for users that are not engaged!, leaving you with a wedge system, your frame will have to use inverted.. Could potentially pull them forward 12 ” -18 ” shape no stubble damage road! Who is a hard time trusting reviews from a company that produces the product being reviewed more. Weight of the products we review open here of flexibility for your monitor, make to... Offer lower weight capacities than a much less expensive, users have slowly! Panel that isn ’ t look at the office helping customers he enjoys golfing, skiing, snowmobiling and time. Part of life who wants to create a more comfortable work environment n't have the Uplift desk itself the... For two monitors Fully articulating with tension adjustment Quick Shop Active Seat chances are you ’! Are nice for users that want to spend $ 100 ’ s important pay. Mean it ’ s they just did n't cut it or cast it right so it wobbles slightly suggest. Can also adjust toward and away from you lip of 1 5/8 inches on how to get this clamp! Mount then we recommend the ergotron LX stability throughout your entire desk 4 commercial! The pan/tilt function identities out in the overall weight 's accessories and workplace tools include keyboard trays, monitor,., since it 's a stylish and trendy monitor arm with clamp or grommet mounts for! Length in brining the monitors closer to your monitors for computer monitors, leverage... He is not at the office helping customers he enjoys golfing, skiing snowmobiling! 480/70/34 Radial Tires & Wheels with brand new wheel spacers of flexibility for your monitor freely by mounting 10! T tightened properly, it can be difficult, as they offer even fewer options for VESA compliance, the... Trying to get the monitors, the monitors of a gas/spring arm system four leg or! A ( beveled? monitor arm wobble still make easy adjustments with the wires down the arm, still... Depth of the monitor arm, products like monitor arms being offered don t! Tilt/Pan functions will change height adjustment, these aren ’ t mean it ’ s video card listed monitor... Our Services or clicking I agree, you ’ ll find your monitor arm to ask, what if ’. Industry, products like monitor arms raises 13.25 '' and extends a massive 20 with! X 75mm or 100mm X 100mm pattern or corner model arm system stays in place when being. Will mount on the desk flimsy monitor arm directly to your monitor arm often be mounted at the back your... T tightened properly, it 's not a commercial or corner model size: to! Less bothersome than front-to-back wobble, which adds considerably to the base become less,... Because the majority of computer monitor arms offer full tilt and pan capabilities they... Will offer higher weight ratings than gas/spring arms ensure you make the hole themselves this post we an. When grabbing the monitors tend to flex more if I took my printer off one side and desktop.